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AlphaBeetles is an alphabet-based card game to help improve spelling while having fun! Suitable for all ages and skill levels so kids and grown-ups can equally enjoy it. Styled to be appealing with bright colours and whimsical characters, AlphaBeetles will keep everyone entertained. The cards themselves are modelled on trading card style designs (think Pokémon) to mimic the appeal. Kids have even treated them as collectables and kept them in display binders! The cards are printed on high-quality 12-point 320gsm stock with premium finishings of linen texture and UV coating to make them more durable and easier to shuffle.


With six different game ideas out-of-the-box, AlphaBeetles represents excellent value for money. Play it your way. If you come up with a new way to play you think others will enjoy, be sure to let us know!

ABC AlphaBeetles

How to Play


Be the first to make a word to win the points!


Randomly choose one card from the uppercase letter deck. This is the starting letter for the word. Each player is given seven cards from the deck containing lowercase letters and the bonus cards. The youngest player goes first.

Starting the Game

The first player chooses an appropriate letter to play to begin spelling a word. Players must not tell each other what word they are trying to spell! The word may change throughout the game.

Second Turn and Beyond

Each player takes a turn putting down one card to continuing spelling a word. If the player cannot continue the word with the existing letters, they may either: 1) Place a different letter on top of the most recently played letter to change the word. The value of the old letter continues to count towards the total points for the round. 2) Pull one card from the top of the deck. This can be played immediately if appropriate, either by adding to the word or playing on top of the most recent card. If the new card cannot be played, that is the end of their turn.

Playing Bonus Cards

Bonus cards can be played at the same time as lowercase cards. The lowercase card should be placed on top of the bonus card.

Double for the Winner! Card

The winner of the round gets double the points if this card is played during the round.

Double Card Points! Card

At the end of the round, double the points of the card sitting on top of this card.

??? Card

This card can be played by itself in place of any letter you need. Points earned are equal to the value of the normal lowercase card.

Card Swap! Card

The player can swap any card in their hand with an opponent’s card or choose one from the unplayed decked. This card must be forfeited once used by returning it to the bottom of the deck. The swapped card can be played immediately as part of the turn.

Minus Points! Card

When this card is played, add up all cards played so far in the round. This is the amount the player of the Minus Points card can subtract from an opponent.

Subtracted points are not gained by the person who played the card.

This card must be forfeited once used by returning it to the bottom of the pile. No other cards can be played during the turn.

One Card Rule

When a player reaches one card remaining in their hand, they must shout "AlphaBeetles!" or they must pull another card from the deck.

Bonus Card Finishing Move

The “Double for the Winner” and “Minus Points!” bonus card can also be played independently to finish a word. For example:

Letters Played: "B" - "o" - "o"

The player whose turn it is has no letters to add but holds a bonus card. The player can play this card as their turn.

Unless their opponent can continue the word by placing a card on top of the bonus card, the round is over. The winner is the player of the bonus card, either doubling their win or subtracting the total from their opponent.

Winning the Game

The round continues until a complete word has been spelled out. If no other players can add to or alter the word, the person who finished spelling the word wins the round and collects the points. All played and forfeited cards can then be reshuffled to start the next round with a newly chosen uppercase card.

Play continues until kids get sick of playing, at which time the person with the most points is the grand champion.

AlphaBeetles Bonus Cards Example


Lost the rules page and need a reprint? Maybe you want to print some "AlphaBeetle Bingo!" pages? Perhaps you're looking for other games you can also play with the AlphaBeetle cards? Whatever you're looking for, we've got you covered. Click any of the below to download a fresh copy you can print out as many times as you need!

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Rules & How to Play

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Other Game Ideas Download Thumbnail

Other Game Ideas

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Activity Pages

Need something to keep your kids entertained? Here are some printable activity pages to keep them busy! I'll occasionally add new activity pages as I make them, so be sure to check back again in the future. Tweet the finished artwork and mention @AlphaBeetles to show it off! Some characters are from my Biggy Piggy books. I urge you to check them out if you enjoy AlphaBeetles because kids love them!

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Biggy Piggy

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AlphaBeetles Maze

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Cows from Biggy Piggy

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Elephants from Biggy Piggy

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Printable Fishy Friends Thumbnail

Fishy Friends from Biggy Piggy

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Printable Giraffe and Sheep Thumbnail

Giraffe & Sheep from Biggy Piggy

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Rhino from Biggy Piggy

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Did you know...?

AlphaBeetles is printed, boxed, and shipped on demand by This helps us be environmentally friendly by only using the resources needed as and when someone places an order. Excess ink and paper products used in the printing process are recycled, and the UV coating applied to the playing cards increases their durability so they last much longer.

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Here's a little history of the early days and development of AlphaBeetles. From the first, rough printed designs and paper cutouts through to the professionally printed and boxed game you love. Hover over any image to pause the slideshow.

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